The service of the furnace should be conducted once a year or every six months based on how often it has been used. Check propane connections, clean out intake/exhaust pipes, inspect wires, and check for water damage.

Water Heater

The service to the water heaters should be conducted once a year or based on how often it has been used. Clean out the water tank, ensure that the water tank is not leaking from the fittings, inspect all wires and connections, blow out any and all debris from around the water heater.


Service should be conducted during the winter when the temperature drops below 33 degrees. Pressurize the water lines, empty blk/gray/freshwater tanks, and flush water heater.

Roof Leaks

Inspect the RV’s inside which includes all of the inside of the cabinets/cupboards, draws, lights fixtures, behind TV”s, pictures, and furniture. then conduct a complete inspection of the roof which consist of skylights, satellite dish, A/C units and then check for any bubbles between the rubber membrane and roof.


Inspect Regulator, Hoses, Refrigerator, gas stove, furnace, water heater, 5lb bottles, test the system to ensure there are no leaks.

A/C Units

Service, replace, remove, control board, thermostat, remote control, condenser, evaporator, ducted/non-ducted, fan motor, start/run capacitors.


Inspect appliances, electical, plumbing/water supply, propane connections, roof condition, and flooring,. Check for water damage to flooring, walls orcompartment

Insurance/Warranty Claims

Work directly with insurance companies to resolve any and all issues. Take pictures, document any information and ensure the client and the insurance company is informed.


Conduct a complete diagnosis of the electrical system. From the 50/30 amp plug to the 12v battery to ensure no faulty wires are in place. Check all fuses and breakers. Remove/replace any/all fuses or breakers to ensure proper function.

Plumbing/Water Supply

Inspect all fitting and connectors from water city hook-up to sinks and faucets. Water pumps, water heater connections, black/gray/freshwater tanks. Remove/Replace to ensure issues have been fixed​​.

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